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The Wargames Division is up and running!

In addition to providing information about our authors’ books and other support, we have expanded our enterprises into the field of Historical Wargaming. This is Kevin’s brainchild, born out of the frustration with the retailing structure which currently serves the historical wargaming community of San Diego County, California.

Under current sales models, historical gamers experience problems when they seek to purchase gaming materials. Local brick-and-mortar stores are not able to stock full ranges of any particular manufacturer’s products, although most will offer to place any desired products on order, something which the gamer is able to do themselves without the hassle of depending on the store’s ordering constraints.  Alternately, historical gamers can access each manufacturer’s full product list through on-line sales but this involves added costs for shipping and sacrifices rapid delivery of the products.

The Wargames Division of Harper’s War Stories – Harper’s Wargames, will operate in a novel hybrid business model which provides rapid delivery of products with the convenience of on-line purchasing. We will build and maintain a broad on-hand inventory which can be delivered immediately to customers in San Diego and Imperial Counties, and the southern-most areas of Orange and Riverside Counties of California. In addition, we will continuously expand our inventory by ordering from wholesalers more frequently than is economically feasible for most brick-and-mortar stores. Also, because we enjoy the low overhead of an email-order company, we can offer a 25% discount from the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for most products.

In addition to selling hard-to-get historical miniatures to the San Diego community, we now post historical scenarios which we use in our own gaming. The first of these: Approach to Aalen updates a scenario from the new defunct magazine Wargamers Digest. This scenario is based on the rules: Command Decision: Test of Battle but can be modified to other rules at the battalion-brigade echelon. If you decide to play this scenario Please send me feedback on how things go: jksmith6757@gmail.com



Warlord LogoWe have selected Warlord Games to be our initial product line. This is a range of products in multiple historical and fantasy figures, terrain, and gaming support products. Their ranges include Bolt Action, Black Powder, Hail Caesar, Pike and Shotte, Test of Honor (Samurai), the upcoming Red Blood Skies historical rules and figures, and selected Perry Miniatures; 4Ground Miniatures, Warmill, Renedra, and Tabletop Workshop buildings and scenery. Warlord also offers the Gates of Antares, Dr. Who, Frostgrave, and Konflict ’47  line of science fiction models; and the Judge Dread, Project Z (for zombie), and terminator Genisys line of future reality models.

Customers will need to visit the Warlord Games webpage for descriptions of all of these products.

Products which are on-hand and ready for delivery directly to you tomorrow are listed below.  Contact Kevin directly to purchase at jksmith6757@gmail.com.

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