What is the Shiloh Trilogy about?

The Trilogy tells the story of how the men of Company B, First Iowa Volunteer Mounted Infantry Battalion coalesce into a band-of-brothers in time for the company’s ordeal at the Battle of Shiloh. Harper’s Donelson examines the relationships between Lieutenant James Harper and the enlisted men in the company


Why do you choose to write under a pseudonym?

My birth name is very similar to a very famous movie producer. I wanted my work to stand separate from his.


Are you a Civil War re-enactor?

Re-enactors seem to be the most visible aspect of the Civil War for most lay persons. Although I have several friends who do this, I am not a re-enactor myself. I do enjoy watching live re-enactments.


Why did you select Iowa has Harper’s home state?

Part of Harper’s backstory is that he ran away from the college when his father tried to force him into the seminary at Notre Dame. I looked for the proverbial end-of-the-line of railroads in the early 1850s, and came up with Sergeant’s Bluff, the western terminus of the Chicago and Northwestern at the time.


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